Welcome to Apollonia Greek Bistro!

Cuisine shaped by simplicity and spawned by ingenuity. chubby gay cams The Greek cuisine has been profoundly influenced by more than 3,000 years of history. Food, traditions and lifestyles of modern Greece are inexorably tied to early Greece as reflected in the people’s diet and outlook on life. Simple, unpretentious foods such as grains, meat and legumes are enriched by the pungent, earthy flavors of garlic, onion, eggplant and artichoke, and by the essences of the olive oil, lemons and raisins. Greek cooking, which is tied to nature and to the seasons, reflects the simple environment of sun-earth-sea. The cuisine of Greece flourishes because of this quality. Here at Apollonia Greek Bistro we strive to serve food with the same elemental quality. Our chefs have created dishes that allow natural flavors to emerge and stimulate the senses. We have refined some traditional favorites into a repertoire of much lighter dishes by reducing the fat content while retaining the zest, tempting aromas and robust flavors that are hallmarks of Greek fare. Our exciting menu is designed to accommodate both vegetarian and omnivorous diners. We encourage you to enjoy some of the authentic dishes that our generous menu offers. You can check out some free video samples on our partner site. best new porn sites Included are age-old favorites such as Dolmathakia and Moussaka, alongside some absolute surprises guaranteed to tantalize your adventurous curiosity. Greeks believe that even the simplest meals may become ambrosia when you are in a happy mood. We hope our hospitality at Apollonia Greek Bistro sustains your happy mood and we thank you for sharing with us the pleasures of this dynamic cuisine. For those of you who have been to Greece, we hope your visit to our Taverna is something of a nostalgic reminiscence…or a glimpse of toothsome delights awaiting those who plan to visit Hellas. We hope your experience at Apollonia Greek Bistro will be enjoyable; it is our pleasure to serve you and we look forward to seeing you soon dear friend.

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